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A tankless, or “on demand” water heater, is just that; a water heater, minus the tank. “On demand” water heaters only heat water when you turn a faucet on.  The water is heated as it flows through the system.

Pros of an “On Demand” Water Heater

When you turn on a hot water faucet, you don’t wait for hot water. This is especially true in the winter when you can sometimes wait minutes before the hot water in your shower or sink becomes hot enough to use. With an “on demand” water heater, the hot water is there for you immediately.

You can expect an average cost savings of approximately 25% off your monthly energy bill, dependent upon the quantity of water your household requires. In a traditional water heater (with a tank) electricity, or a gas burner, constantly warms the water. The projected savings is due to fact that tankless water heaters do not have to do this. Additionally, a tankless water heater is 97% energy efficient, compared to 60% energy efficient for a tank water heater.

The instantaneous nature of “on demand” water heaters also reduces your water bill. There is no longer a wait as water warms up, therefore your family members can immediately use water, which reduces water usage.

Cons of an “On Demand” Water Heater

A disadvantage of an “on demand” water heater is that the flow rate may be limited.  This could be true if you have a large home and there is simultaneous usage of hot water.  For example, if you are washing clothes and someone is taking a shower. The solution to this is fairly simple – install more than one “on demand” water heater in your home. It is very common to use multiple water heaters in a large home to account for different stories, or a more distant water need.

An “on demand” tankless water heater is more expensive that a conventional water heater, but in the long-term your investment pays for itself because “on demand” heaters can last 20 years, compared to a traditional water heater that lasts half that time. Replacement parts for an “on demand” water heater are readily available, which can extend the life even further.

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Installation of an “on demand” water heater should be completed by a professional plumber, due to building codes, permits and, most importantly, safety.

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